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Agtarise Solutions is an indigenous technology & security solutions provider that deliver value added technology and digital solutions to clients in various industries.


Technology in areas of security has continued in development and its applications for the protection of assets, which solely rely on understanding the principles of its operation. In addition it functions in protecting the people, information, and assets of an organization.

National economy, and growth require quality security technology and management to protect the critical infrastructure of an organization.

Therefore, an understanding of the quality of technology based security, their applications, and management will determine the relevance and level of security available.

Furthermore the context of the security is necessary for technology to be applied within a security management strategy. Thus, the management of the technology will ensure the suitability of this approach for an effective security application in the protection of assets.

Because high tech in the security sector has the capability to enhance a protection of assets strategy. It is necessary to determine the role of the technology in providing security.

The principles of access control with the importance of the credentials of codes and cards coupled with the Intelligent CCTV are developing a strong contribution to the strategy of assets protection for an organization.

As an indigenous IT and Security Provider, we pride in providing  these solutions for businesses.

Here are few of our services include: Computers (laptops, desktops and servers) sales & deployment, Application Software sales and deployment, Website Design & Hosting, Network Design & Implementations (LAN & WAN), Web Applications Developments, Mobile App Solution Developments,  Enterprise Network Setup (Microsoft Domain deployment).

Furthermore, Access Control & Surveillance Camera solutions,  Enterprise Cloud Solutions Design & Deployment and Enterprise Data & Information Security Solutions. View more of our services and follow us on Facebook for more updates on the advancement of our services

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We provide solutions to corporate bodies to meet their needs


Agtarise provides full security through Access Control installation and management.
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