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Before choosing suitable CCTV plans, it is advisable that you consult a security professional because they will be able to give you the functionality details from different types of cameras, and this will enable you to get the full picture on quality and pricing before you commit to a decision. Check our Products page for cameras and DVR prices to see the camera types, and you can choose the one that best suit your budget. A scheduled visit to the installation site would be necessary so that proper mapping of camera points can be made, and you can choose a plan of your choice thereafter.

Meanwhile, grasping the wide range of camera technology on the market can take some time and there is so much more the latest cameras can do to enhance security. But if you like to know more about advanced capabilities or  have any questions regarding how CCTV surveillance cameras can enhance your home or business’s security system, our professionals are available to assist with any questions related to CCTV surveillance cameras and can be reached on 08037264464. You can also visit our Facebook page for assistance.



CCTV camera is in fact a necessary requirement in every business either big or small. Although it is  a necessary requirement for all business but more important for a small business because of small investments and high risks involved. Small businesses are always at risk due to their unorganized process and small systems which excludes them from the corporate systems of big firms or businesses.

The most effective way to curb the high risk of theft, assault, and others,  is to install cameras within key areas of the office or retail store.  Although these systems are installed as a precautionary measure against thieves and burglars, they also work to increase the productivity of the employees. Installed cameras prevents employees from wondering about during office hours and inculcates work ethics as it monitors their activities.  

Benefits of installing CCTV cameras

The following are the reasons for installing CCTV cameras and the benefits of installing them:

  • Prevention of Crime

    CCTV cameras function as the perfect deterrents against criminals, as buglers are less likely to break into a place where they might get caught on camera. This is an important factor for small business, which is seen as the easiest targets by such bandits looking for opportunity.  Security services in such cases take extra care and try to cover black and venerable spots to give 100% twenty-four hours security.

  • Prevention of internal and external theft

    Every business owner realizes that they have to protect themselves and their business from unnecessary damage from both inside and outside factors; inside being employee theft and external ranging from burglary, thieves or irritant neighbors. More than 33% of all business goes bankrupt due to employee theft and the rest incur huge losses. In such cases having CCTV surveillance eliminates your blind spot, watches over employees, and stamps out employee theft or property damage before it ever happens.


  • Staff Security Safeguarding your employees is as important as protecting your asset. CCTV encourages good behavior and helps avoid any complication due to employee violence or outside intruders. For example, nearly 17 percent of all fatal injuries in the US, in 2011 were due to workplace violence i.e.  780 fatal work injuries per year.



4 Channels CCTV Package

This includes 4 CCTV cameras and 4-Channel DVR (Cables, monitor, connectors and accessories are not included)

  • Facial Identification
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Night Vision
  • Protection Against Hackers

8 channels CCTV camera

This includes 8 CCTV cameras and 8-Channel DVR (Cables, monitor, connectors and accessories are not included)

  • launching a call for evidence on the live export of animals
  • banning back street puppy breeders
  • ending the third party sales of puppies
  • publishing updated animal welfare codes

16 Channel CCTV System

This includes 16 CCTV cameras and 16-Channel DVR (Cables, monitor, connectors and accessories are not included)

  • Protection Against Hackers
  • Rotary Gutter Cleaning System
  • Gutter Cleaning Applicator
  • Detect intruders up 250-300 metres away
  • Good in low-light
  • Thermal radiation passes through visual barriers
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