Dell Inspiron

Dell Inspiron


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DELL Inspiron n5010, n4010, n3010 , m5010 series

Battery Complete Features.

Condition :Replacement Dell Laptop Battery

Voltage :11.1 Volts Capacity: 5200mah

Battery Backup Part Numbers :312-0234, 07XFJJ, 383CW, 9TCXN, FMHC10, 9T48V, 8NH55, 04YRJH 4T7JN, 965Y7, W7H3N, YXVK2, J1KND, J4XDH, TKV2V, 06P6PN 312-0233, 451-11510 Fit Models :Dell Inspiron 14r n4010, n4010d, n4010r Laptop Battery Dell Inspiron 13r n3010, n3010d, n3010r Laptop Battery Dell Inspiron 15r n5010, n5010d, n5010r Laptop Battery Dell Inspiron n5030, n5040, n5050 Laptop Battery Dell Inspiron n5110, n5110d, n5110r Laptop Battery Dell Inspiron m5010, m5010d, m5010r Series Laptop Battery Dell Inspiron m501, m501r, m501d, m511r laptop battery Dell Inspiron m401, m401r, m401d, m411r laptop battery

NOTE: Not all the above model will be written on the battery

DELL Inspiron n5010, n4010, n3010 , m5010

Battery Complete Features.


  • Condition : Replacement Dell Laptop Battery
  • Voltage : 11.1 Volts
  • Capacity : 5200 mah
  • Condition: New
  • Color: Black


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